_DWP1367 copy 2If you’re a recent graduate interested in developing a career in the low carbon sector, we hope to help you.

We’re running a graduate recruitment service that introduces graduates and employers via an initial paid internship.

We hope that the internship will evolve into a permanent job, but as a minimum you’ll acquire valuable experience that will kick start your career.

You probably have lots of questions….

Do I qualify for the programme?

YES ‘ if you have already graduated with a Bachelors or Masters Degree and you’re available to start full time employment in the U.K.

You are committed to a career in the low carbon economy.

You have the right to work full time without restriction in the UK and you’re a U.K resident. If you need a work visa for the UK, sorry but it’s very difficult to help you.

You can register with us as a final year under graduate, but it’s very unlikely we can help you until you complete your studies.

Where are the roles located?

UK wide

What type of roles does the programme offer?

All internships will be with companies actively involved in the low carbon economy, e.g. investors, manufacturers, consultancies, system integrators and project developers working in renewable energy generation, energy management & efficiency, smart grid, environmental services, etc.

Roles are available in general business support, plus specific areas like technical, commercial, sales, marketing, operations, finance.

Keep checking our website for specific internships and other graduate opportunities.

What is the duration of the internship?

Up to 6 months

Will I get offered a permanent role at the end of the internship?

That’s the objective, but we can’t guarantee it. We do ask participating companies to indicate the likelihood of a permanent job, and we’ll always be transparent about this.

Some companies simply won’t know, but the internship gives you the chance to prove you’re indispensable, and at worst the experience gained should help you nail that dream job.

Are all internships paid?

Yes – we require participating companies to pay at least the minimum wage (£6.70 per hour) and the equivalent of the living wage for London based roles (£9.70).

Will I pay tax and national insurance?

Yes most likely ‘ the company you work for will effectively treat you as a PAYE worker, so they’ll be responsible for deducting appropriate tax and national insurance contributions.

You’ll need to give them your national insurance number and bank details when you start.

Is the employer going to cover my housing/travel expenses?

Probably not in most cases as they will be paying you anyway, but some firms may offer additional benefits, so always check the details before accepting an internship.

Is my salary going to change after the internship period ends and I get offered a permanent role at the company?

Yes, most likely it will be increased in line with your new role and new responsibilities, where possible we will have an indication of the role you might be offered and the associated salary prior to the internship.

Is the employer going to offer me accommodation, or assistance with finding accommodation?


What is the application procedure?

There are two application methods:

  • Firstly, you can apply to a specific role that we are advertising on our website, as well as on a number of job boards, by uploading your CV and Cover Letter indicating your motivation for and interest in the role. If successful, a member of our team will get in touch with you. If not successful with your application for this role, we will save your details in our database and might get in touch regarding other internship opportunities in the future.
  • Secondly, you can register for the Intern Programme by filling in a Registration Form and sending this, alongside your CV, to us. We will acknowledge receipt of your application, assess your suitability for all of the roles we are currently handling, and get in touch if we can progress further with you for any of the roles. We will keep your details in our database for future opportunities.

Do I need to include a Cover Letter?

You need to include a Cover Letter if applying for a specific role ‘ otherwise, you only need to send your CV, alongside the filled in Registration Form.

The Registration Form will include questions on your graduation date, the date when you last university coursework was submitted, your final overall grade, the industry you’d like to work in, the type of roles you would be interested in, your location, availability for a start, flexibility regarding relocation, salary requirements, etc.

Is there a limit on the number of internships I get my application sent to the client?

  1. We will not be sending your application to any client for any role without your prior knowledge and consent.

Is the employer going to cover my travel expenses if I get invited for an interview?

NOT usually, although some firms do offer this. But never assume that expenses will be paid.

How does the interview process work?

We conduct the initial assessment of your application and provide a shortlist to the client who decides how to proceed.

Normally the selection of an intern mirrors the company’s normal interview process, so it can vary widely, but will usually involve a face to face interview and potentially some selection tests. We will guide you through the process and help you prepare.

What are the usual start dates?

Recruitment on a rolling basis

After signing up for the programme, when will I receive feedback and information on available roles for which I would be suitable?

After signing up for the programme, you will receive an acknowledgement of your registration via e-mail.

We will then assess your profile against the roles that we have, and will get in touch with you if we have something suitable. If you do not hear from us 2 weeks after your registration, assume that we do not have suitable roles for you at the moment.

We will keep your details in our database for future roles. You can also apply for specific roles in addition to your general registration.

What is the minimum academic standard to participate in the programme?

Each individual client will determine specific criteria, but as we expect high volumes of applications, you’ll likely need a at least a 2.1 from a good university.

If I have not graduated from a British university, can I still sign up for the programme?

Yes as long as you are resident in the UK and able to start work without requiring a VISA.

Graduates of what type of courses are eligible for participating in the programme?

Engineering/Geography/Mathematics/Chemistry/Environmental Sciences/Renewable Energy/Business and Management/Economics and Finance/Marketing/Architecture/Construction/Energy

Is participation in the programme free of charge?