Low carbon intern programme. 1 page Client Flyer -page-001 copyJPGWhat is the programme?

Our low carbon intern programme is a free of charge service to help organisations find top graduate talent and gives top graduates a flying start to their career.

In a nutshell, we find graduates for internships with companies in the low carbon sector with a view to a possible permanent job in the future.


  • Graduates gain valuable practical experience and the chance to show case their skills to potential employers
  • Companies gain extra useful resource and the chance to see graduates in action before deciding to offer permanent roles

Our aim is to accelerate the flow of graduate talent into the low carbon sector ‘ for that reason we arrange internships free of charge for participating companies.

We’re arranging graduate intern roles within technical / engineering, project, product & process management, sales & marketing, CSR, finance & investment, operations, asset management, procurement etc. ‘ in fact most company functions.

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