Jun 26

What will Drive the UK’s Low-Carbon Transport Revolution?

London     26 June, 2014 - 26 June, 2014
Leaf at Eco Charging Point 2Akey EU Climate initiative is the reduction in CO2 transport emissions by 60% by 2050.The UK automative industry, having undergone a renaissance in recent years, is working to respond to this challenge– carbon emissions from new cars sold in the UK have fallen by 20% since 2007 and there are a number of investment and policy initiatives in place to support further gains.The‘Go Ultra Low Campaign’government initiative, widely backed by manufacturers, tackles common myths and misconceptions to encourage consumer uptake. There will be a£100 million investment in R&D in ULEV(ultra-low emission vehicles and a£32 million funding boost for charging infrastructure. The TSB has deployed a £11million investment fund in its‘Building an automotive supply chain of the future’competition. TheUKH2 Mobility platformsupports the roll out of hydrogen vehicles from 2015
Activity levels are high but challenges remain to translate R&D and trials into recogniseable commercial pathways for consumers and the industry. In addition, the bulk of emissions reductions in the short-medium term must come from improvements in petrol/diesel vehicles.
Questions have been raised about:whether there issufficient standardisationon metrics and outcomes to enable investors to knowwhich technologiesto back; whethermultiple choicesfor consumers are clarifying or clouding their choices; whetherpolicy-makersknow where, when and what support is needed and can/should they be technology neutral;how fast are potential big game-changers(eg. battery technology, charging systems) actually progressing.

Debating the issues will be our expert panel, including:

Andy Eastlake,Managing Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
Sujith Kollamthodi,Practice Director ‘ Sustainable Transport, Ricardo-AEA
Heather Allen,Programme Director Sustainable Transport, Transport Research Laboratory

Dr Bob Moran or Richard Bruce, Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)

Final speaker to be announced shortly

Moderated by: Alexander Reid,Senior Associate, Baker Botts LLP


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