Feb 3

Solar Energy UK Roadshow

Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey

Cut costs and boost profits

The past few years’ roadshows have been about survival and adjusting to fickle policy changes but the market is in a better shape now and is hopefully going to be allowed to mature a little without seismic policy shifts in 2014. We’re entering a maturing market that will exceed 1GW of installed capacity for the first time this year. The last year has seen a number of changes that affect the profitability of installing solar:

  • 25 % Renewable Obligation (RO) cut.
  • Cheap Chinese panels are off the market since the EU imposed anti-dumping tariffs.
  • The rate of savings from technical advances is slowing.

The theme of this year’s roadshows is how to make savings elsewhere, cut operational costs and look to boost profits by looking at slightly sideways options:

  • Affordable storage – all the latest technology on offer
  • Storage selling angles – the benefits to consumers and SME/commercial scale installations
  • The RHI and Green Deal – new revenue stream opportunities for PV installers
  • Balance of Service (BoS) and invertors – How to lower costs or boost competitiveness with system optimisation
  • Reducing operational costs – how to streamline customer acquisition and marketing
  • Utility scale side planning costs – streamline your site-selection process with proper community engagement


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