Nov 24

Smart Solar Energy Management – UK and Eire

BRE, Watford, UK.

What is the outlook for the solar PV business in the UK? Subsidies have been cut, add to that the shock EU referendum result, and the removal of DECC as a supporting body. It could seem to many that the UK is out of the solar energy business. Where to next for the UK solar supply chain?

What of Ireland? The electricity system on the island is undergoing a transformation as a result of the growing integration of renewable energy and the implementation of broader technological innovation. The electricity sector will play a key role in shaping a sustainable energy future for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Smart Grid developments are an important component of an overall solution for the integration of renewable generation.

In the next decade new technologies will come online and we will have an increasingly smart, flexible energy systems in the UK & ROI as a result. The road to success will include higher efficiency solar panels, energy storage devices, flexible backup power, smarter networks, and consumer participation. What part will the different technologies play? What are the opportunities for your company if it is involved in creating solar power, energy storage, smart grid or demand response? Will it ultimately be the most economic or technically adaptable that will prevail?

Join us at Smart Solar and understand the opportunities for you in this evolving industry and how you can extract value post subsidy.


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