Apr 28

Large Scale Solar UK

Thistle Bristol City Centre,     28 April, 2015 - 30 April, 2015

More than just a solar event, Large-Scale Solar UK kicks off with our sell-out Planners’ Workshop, designed to highlight the broader socio-economic benefits of solar programmes and discuss best practice planning.

The main event starts on the 29th April and is essential for businesses that want to win new business in the >500 kW market. From carpark canopies to rooftop and ground-mount this event will provide you with the tools, knowledge and contacts necessary to maintaining profitability in a developing market.

New for 2015 is our closed-door Energy Managers’ Forum, designed to show large energy users how their businesses can benefit from lower-cost power through solar. Networking opportunities are huge if you want to meet end users, land owners, developers, banks, investors, manufactures, surveyors and more and seal business deals for the year ahead.


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