Apr 29

Large Scale Solar UK Conference

Nottingham     29 April, 2014 - 1 May, 2014

Building a sustainable Large Scale Solar industry in the UK after April 2014

‚ÄúWe have all witnessed the great energy debate unfolding in the media over recent weeks and months, and my challenge to our industry as the UK’s leading solar energy generator is, what are we all doing about it?

For this reason, Lightsource Renewable Energy is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the UK large-scale solar PV conference in April 2014. The industry is no longer embryonic and our collective focus should be on how can we be bigger, better and more effective through the experiences we have gained thus far.

Consumers all across the UK are still unclear of the true nature of solar power and the great benefits it can bring all of us if it is deployed right now to its fullest potential. We want to see this conference recognised not only as a forum for developers, but as the voice of the industry to government and a platform of engagement with local communities.”

Nick Boyle, CEO,Lightsource Renewable Energy


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