Sep 24

Large-scale PV: Stable policy for subsidy free solar

Dentons LLP, London. EC4M

Large-scale PV: Stable policy for subsidy free solar


Westmill_Solar_2Large scale solar is at a critical juncture. Successful expansion in the UK supply chain along with a continuing reduction in installed costs has resulted in significant deployment growth. We have now reached 5GW, spread across all sectors of PV. With lower costs projected to continue, we are one step away from being able to compete subsidy-free – the glittering solar independence prize that will open up a whole new world for solar. And yet here we are in a time of major political risk, without a clear path forward for the market. There is still uncertainty around the transition from the RO to CfDs, the limiting issues of grid capacity and the barriers that are preventing the growth in the all-important commercial roof-top sector. However in the longer term we still have reason to be optimistic: as costs are projected to fall, solar will become the cheapest low-carbon technology. We want to show you what can be done with a united industry, proving to Government and local communities that large scale solar projects on land and roofs is at the heart of the low carbon power sector.

Event Content

The STA has been leading the charge in promoting the benefits of large-scale solar through its working groups, Solar Independence Day and now with its ‘Solar Independence Campaign’. We will be presenting our newly commissioned report on the macroeconomic benefits of solar as well as our solar indepenedence plan and the pathway to zero subsidy by 2020. The NFU will be launching its new ‘Agricultural Good Practice Guidance for Solar Farms’ which has been developed with the BRE-NSC, NFU and leading developers. In addition we will discuss the values of solar in the energy mix along with presentations on the Big60Million, innovative financial solutions and how manufacturing advances and efficiencies will drive down the cost/watt.

Confirmed speakers

Jonathan Scurlock (NFU), Finlay Colville (NPD Solar Buzz), Juliet Davenport (Good Energy), Lucille De Silva (Dentons), Ben Cosh (TGC), David Wilson (Portland Communications), Raoul Tufnell (Belectric) , Paul Barwell and Leonie Greene (STA) and speakers from DECC, Solar Edge and JA Solar.


We would like to thank JA Solar, Solar Edge and Belectric for sponsoring this event. If you have interest in further sponsorship opportunities please


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