Mar 8

Clean Energy Finance Europe 2017

Frankfurt, Germany     8 March, 2017 - 9 March, 2017

ACI’s Clean Energy Finance Europe 2017 conference will bring together the leading executives and experts from across the financing infrastructure sector.

Following the success of the event last year, this year the conference determines the extent of new energy realities, exploring capacity in developing countries, bridging the gap on bankable SME projects, demand, and policy technology undercurrents reshaping European energy markets.

The early stage investor network for clean energy is growing, while it currently covers the full spectrum of risk tolerance, it is still modest and this event supports the incentive to innovate finance strategies for grid-scale clean tech development. Smart grid innovation today focuses on the internet-of-things (IoT), most prominently to better integrate (or accommodate) renewables, storage, microgrids, and the flexible demand enabled by many of those demand response strategies that have now grown up. This is where the conference will consist of a series of informative presentations followed by practical problem solving, and connect those in this pursuit.


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