Oct 17
Four months living with a Nissan Leaf

Charging for free at the Ecotricity Charging Point on the M40 at Oxford

Charging for free at EcotricityCharging Point on the M40 at Oxford

Sefton Owens gives us an update on life with the 100% electric Nissan Leaf…

My Nissan Leaf arrived on Wednesday 23rd July and since then I’ve done over 2000 miles in the car.

My overall impression so far is that the car itself is fantastic. An absolute joy to drive, even now I look forward to be able to drive in it and I’ve never felt this about any other cars after three months.

The only negative is the lack of charging infrastructure, which has restricted me on a couple of long journeys. Now as an early adopter I always knew there were going to be issues as the charging infrastructure rolls out. However, what has bothered me most is the existing infrastructure that is already in place. In particular the Nissan CHAdeMO Rapid Chargers, located at Nissan Leaf specified dealers which appear to be temperamental. I’ll be writing about some particular instances of this shortly.

But do I regret buying an electric car?? No way, I’ve successfully used it for 99% of the journeys I make (the longest being a 178 mile round trip in a day with no problems) and the amount of money I’ve saved in fuel is pretty staggering.

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Rest assured you’ll be hearing more about Leaf in the near future!!

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