Nov 6
Is the worlds best car electric? – Part 1

The Tesla Model S is set to come to the UK at the end of 2013 and Sefton Owens and Ashley Williams of Igloo3 were invited to a Tesla Roadshow event held in Windsor Great Park to put the car through its paces.

Part one features an overview of the cockpit and more importantly the Model S stunning 17″ screen which controls almost every aspect of the car from the climate control to the suspension settings and even the sunroof is controlled via virtual menus on the touchscreen.

We think its the best in-car multimedia entertainment system yet! Find out why via the video below.

You’ll be able to see the full 30 minute test drive (part 2) in a future blog. It is definitely worth seeing as both Sefton and Ashley were blown away by the performance of the car!

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